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It hasn’t settled in. The entire experience was so surreal. I anticipated having at least three heart attacks, but I feared I might miss Bey’s infamous stanky leg or Hov’s instructional bounce, get your damn hands up, throw your diamonds in the air, etc. So, I dealt calmly with heart palpitations and a flood of emotions and just rocked the hell out with two of my favorite artists–who just happen to make an unstoppable and adorable couple. (more…)


Unpaid Internship?  I Think Not.

It’s no secret.  To get anywhere in journalism or fashion, you have to intern.  Most of the time, you’re doing it for free.  I have six under my belt, all unpaid.  What may surprise you is that I’d do it all over again for free. Hey, we all have to crawl before we walk!   So, with all the drama about the Hearst and Harper’s Bazaar suit on unpaid interns, I thought I’d share thoughts on the pros and cons of working for free. (more…)