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WED_Runway-598x340How’s this for fashion and tech-savvy? For London fashion week, cameras were used in Topshop’s show to scan models as they stomped down the runway. Remember Diane von Furstenberg’s use of Google glasses during her runway show in September 2012? What about Burberry being the first fashion house to live stream its runway in 2011? And that trend of live-streaming has continued into recent fashion weeks around the world. A surge in social media networking as well as live streams broadcasting the entire runway show online has allowed fashionistas to become immersed in a world that’s not always accessible to small-town girls like myself. With everything going digital, the fashion industry–which at its core is all about what’s new or forward–is determined to not be left behind. (more…)


I’ve followed Huffington Post for a while, even before the AOL acquisition in 2011.  It’s my primary source for news, political updates, entertainment, and style.  So, I’m extremely excited Huffington Post will launch their new weekly digital magazine as an app for the iPad.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, honestly.  Now that Huffington Post and Politico have opened the door for online news organizations with their recent Pulitzer wins, maybe we can get past the idea of traditional or legacy media vs. new media.  We can now clump all the digital innovations and traditional print publications under one umbrella of media, or at least respect them as such. (more…)

In today’s edition of weird news, I read this story on Gawker about a reporter fired for showing enthusiasm about his job on his Tumblr and WordPress blog.  Where’s the social media love people?  Khristopher J. Brooks was recently hired by the Delaware News-Journal as a reporter.  Brooks, like many of us when we land that job, took to social media to express his excitement, which was actually a “press release” using the news organization’s logo and quotes from the hiring letter. He was fired for those two things. (more…)