All About Me

30540_821086314813_1265050928_nHi, I’m Michelle. Here’s my story…

As children, we think we know exactly what we’re going to be when we grow up. But then we get older and reality gives us a very loud, and often urgent, wake-up call. We find ourselves wavering whether that career path is for us due to unforeseen circumstances or outside sources intervening and giving advice. Well, I’m in the minority that is actively pursuing the dream I’ve had since I was a kid despite naysayers and setbacks.

Even as a child, I realized I had an insatiable appetite for fashion, magazines, entertainment and storytelling. Growing up in a small town with only one caution light, I had to make up my own form of amusement. If I wanted any significant cultural experience, I often escaped in the pages of magazines. But my small-town upbringing never kept me from thinking I would one day join those talented writers and editors whose work I grew up reading in those glossy pages.

With a bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University in fashion design & merchandising as well as a master’s in journalism from the University of Alabama, I hope to merge the two one day for a publication I admire. My interests include regional and lifestyle magazines, fashion, food, travel, culture, art and entertainment. For more of my professional experience, take a look at my digital portfolio and multimedia site I created.

When I’m not throwing myself in the latest issues of magazines, I’m usually watching my favorite TV series and movies, listening to music (Beyonce and hip-hop are my fave!), reading a book or trying to find inspiration in the things around me.

Want to connect or have any questions?

TWITTER – @latdaw2012



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