Beyonce Brings It Home in Houston

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Entertainment, Personal, Personal, Entertainment
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It hasn’t settled in. The entire experience was so surreal. I anticipated having at least three heart attacks, but I feared I might miss Bey’s infamous stanky leg or Hov’s instructional bounce, get your damn hands up, throw your diamonds in the air, etc. So, I dealt calmly with heart palpitations and a flood of emotions and just rocked the hell out with two of my favorite artists–who just happen to make an unstoppable and adorable couple.

I sung, rapped, and scream until my voice was hoarse. I danced unabashedly like no one was watching. I forgot all about the struggle to make it to Houston, including almost missing my flight. I didn’t think about the many problems awaiting me at home. I welcomed the distraction, and for two and a half hours, I did something I’ll probably never do again. I got lost and escaped in music–all while surrounded by 40,000+ people who were there to do the same. It’s a feeling I’ll never get to experience again. When I saw and felt the love in the room, it made putting up with the crap people give me for being a Beyonce stan all worth it. Cause I know I’m not the only one and to feel that energy from her hometown was absolute euphoria.

On to the show. Witnessing both Beyonce and Jay Z live is beyond words and a thousand times better than HD DVDs. But to do it in HTown–the breeding ground for where the biggest star was made–well, that’s an entirely different beast. And they tamed it one performance after another.

One of my favorite things about the On The Run tour is their effortless ability to make their songs easily transition into the other’s. It wasn’t two concerts with two different sets, with just them joining each other on their featured songs together. It really embodied a joint tour of two incredible artists, meeting in both heart and mind on the platform they love the most: the stage.

Beyonce reworked old material and made it feel like it was just as new and fresh as songs from her self-titled album. When this woman simply stands on stage just looking out at her beloved Beyhive, it’s a command for attention like no other artist can generate. She seamlessly goes from being sexy and smoldering to vulnerable and feminine all in the blink of an eye. It’s fantastic to watch her dance her ass off, while maintaining a strong vocal and presence at the same time. And Jay can definitely hold his own on stage–no hype man needed. I found myself going stir crazy when he was on stage. He warmed up the crowd; Bey set it on fire. And their performance styles are totally complementary of each other as individual performers. It’s refreshing as a fan to have been there since “No, No, No” and Jay’s Reasonable Doubt and watch the growth–be a part of it.

I’m in complete awe of how incredibly talented they both are but also in the ninja-like focus they exhibit in perfecting their craft. It showed in the details of the show like with the staging, lighting, mixing of songs and the interlude videos. Speaking of those videos, Beyonce is truly coming into her own as an actress. But her natural beauty was on display here, proving she can fit in any era–from mod ’60s to the urban ’90s. She’s truly flawless in person. Her body, that hair, that skin, and those (ahem) other ASSets. She’s not Queen Bey. She’s King. And this was apparent on personal favorites of the night like “Diva,” “Run The World,” and “Ring The Alarm.”

And while I love to see Bey eat up the stage with stomping and dancing just like the next fan. It was the subdued, slower moments where she just focused on the vocals and the performance that held my attention. Or rather, kept my mouth open in complete shock. I loved “Haunted,” “Resentment,” “Pretty Hurts,” “Love on Top,” “Ex-Factor,” and her version of “Holy Grail.” In reference to the latter, I can never listen to Justin Timberlake ever again on “Holy Grail.” Bey provides just the right amount of grit, soul, and emotion the song calls for. I really felt the love/hate relationship with fame through her voice. It was a great mashup and pretty damn genius when I think of how they intertwined their songs together–all without skipping a beat.

And as I write this to always have and to hold, I don’t really remember it like I want to. Don’t get me wrong. The show was definitely memorable. They didn’t waste a nanosecond. It was a fluid, fast-paced show full of energy. And that’s why precisely two days later I can’t remember it perfectly. It went by so quickly–almost like a blur. There was so much to take in from the videos to the music to the dancing, and of course, just watching these mega stars in their element. I need a DVD ASAP so I can relive everything.

I held back tears for as long as I could until the finale. Yes, those damn tender home videos sent me into an emotional tailspin. And I’m happy they shared their private moments with the fans. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite part of the show. It was such a well-oiled machine that one would almost be robbing it of its essence and storyline by picking it apart. It was amazing from This is not real life to This is real life. Fin. A journey of love and all its highs and lows. I was happy to celebrate living a life rooted in love with one of the best rappers alive and a woman who continues to surprise the hell out of me 17 years later and defy the odds.

Thank you to The Carters for giving me one of the best experiences of my life. When will I ever get the chance to say I saw two of the biggest artists on stage together in their prime? For that, I’ll always be eternally grateful. And I’m aware it couldn’t have happened alone, so thanks to all those who directly and indirectly helped me see Bey and Jay Z blow the roof off H-Town. God saw this through. It’s been a desire to see Beyonce live for most of my life, and He waited until the right moment to bless me with it, bringing my vision to fruition.

And for critics saying the show is too perfect. I agree. It is as close to perfection as they’re able to achieve as mortals. But it’s to be admired not scoffed at. I mean would you expect anything less of the two? And I’m sure the 100 million or so of fans that sold out this tour in hours (minutes even) would agree that perfection is worth investing every cent.


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