Fashion Goes Digital: Live Streams, E-Launch, Drones and a New App

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Entertainment, Fashion
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WED_Runway-598x340How’s this for fashion and tech-savvy? For London fashion week, cameras were used in Topshop’s show to scan models as they stomped down the runway. Remember Diane von Furstenberg’s use of Google glasses during her runway show in September 2012? What about Burberry being the first fashion house to live stream its runway in 2011? And that trend of live-streaming has continued into recent fashion weeks around the world. A surge in social media networking as well as live streams broadcasting the entire runway show online has allowed fashionistas to become immersed in a world that’s not always accessible to small-town girls like myself. With everything going digital, the fashion industry–which at its core is all about what’s new or forward–is determined to not be left behind.

elie-saabFirst up is Lebanese fashion house (and Beyonce’s go-to red carpet designer) Elie Saab. Known for its couture gowns with modern embellishments, the fashion house can now add digital magazine to its repertoire. According to WWD, Elie Saab’s digital magazine, The Light of Now, is set to launch in conjunction with its live stream of the fall/winter 2014 ready-to-wear runway show in Paris on Monday, March 3 at 10 a.m. EST (4 p.m. CET). Managed by a Paris-based editorial team, The Light of Now will feature more in-depth content of interviews, industry profiles and articles focused on varied industries such as fashion, art and cosmetics. With nine articles published each month, the couturier’s emphasis will be on brand influences and light as a source of inspiration.

I’m really excited about the live stream and the new e-magazine because I’m a huge fan of his work. But most importantly, I think it gives those who are passionate about fashion a chance to connect and engage with designers and their offerings in a different way. We’re the consumers after all so to be part of the brand and interact with it on a digital platform is amazing. I think we’ll start to see more designers customizing content specific to their brand in the future. This isn’t the first viewing of a live-streaming fashion show, but the coinciding magazine launch is the first of its kind. And the fashion house used social media to promote it, which is the best way to engage the public beyond just the final sale.
styling-banner-smallNow for a personal favorite. Ever walk down the street and see someone next to you wearing something cool? You wonder where he/she got it from and start scouring the Web hoping to find something similar. But using a vague description such as “floral print dress with keyhole” ends up turning into thousands of results that aren’t even remotely close to what you’re looking for. Well thanks to new app and fashion startup, ASAP54, the search just became that much easier. Created by Daniela Cecilio, ASAP54 launched this past Friday on iOS to a bevy of enthusiastic shoppers and fashion mavens. It’s been called the Shazam of fashion, enabling users to snap a photo of a piece of clothing they like in order to find a comparable match or the same exact item to purchase through the app’s mobile browser. If the search fails, you get the opportunity to chat it up with a stylist, which adds a personal and human element to the search. You can limit the search by price, color or brand as well. The app is part Google, part social media and part e-commerce. And what I love most about it is the social aspect of sharing with others via social media networks where you can also shop others’ looks.

628x471I don’t know if this walked a fine line between gimmicky or innovative, but I was intrigued by FENDI‘s use of drones (yes, actual drones!) during its fall/winter 2014 runway show on February 20. It definitely garnered interest in the brand, as the Italian fashion house gave consumers different views through high-definition cameras affixed to FENDI-branded drones. Flying along the runway and over models during the show, the drones gave viewers a different perspective. While watching the brand’s live stream of the show on its website, users were able to switch the camera angles to see different vantage points of the show, allowing for a more interactive and customized experience.

fendi_dronecamEven with the increase of drone-camera imagery in the gaming industry, I don’t expect this to become a trend in the fashion industry. I do think, however, it was a perfect opportunity for FENDI to use something considered to be edgy to promote its brand and get coverage. The drones were able to show things we wouldn’t ordinarily see on the runway.

So what do you think about the latest digital trends in the fashion industry and how they affect consumers when it comes to engagement and purchasing items?


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