It’s that time of year again—awards season. And once the best in music are crowned on Sunday, January 26 at the Grammy Awards, film fanatics will be tuned in to see if their favorite movies take home the coveted gold trophy. I generally enjoy the Oscars because sometimes seeing those brief clips of a film or the hype surrounding it makes me want to go watch if I haven’t already. While the show can be a drag after the first hour or so, I’m really looking forward to this year because of the following four things:

1.  Costume design nominations all revisit the past.

costume_designers_roundtable_h_2014I could be wrong here, but never before have I seen all the nominees in the costume design category come from period films. Catherine Martin is nominated for The Great Gatsby, which takes place during the “Roaring ’20s.” Patricia Norris‘ nod for 12 Years a Slave is based on the book by Solomon Northup that takes place in 1853. Michael Wilkinson‘s work on the ’70s set American Hustle is also nominated. William Chang Suk Ping is nominated for The Grandmaster that begins in 1936. Lastly, Michael O’ Connor rounds up the bunch with his nomination for his work on The Invisible Woman mostly set in the mid-’40s.

gatsby1-635x325I’m really rooting for Catherine Martin. I was impressed with her work when the sketches and photos first leaked from The Great Gatsby. She really found a way to evoke the spirit of the ’20s with modern touches added here and there. If she wins, it will be her second Academy Award.

2. Pharrell Williams’ Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

imagesVery few hip-hop artists have won Oscars. In fact, only Eminem and Three 6 Mafia have won the golden statue. If the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. front man could pull it off, this would be Williams’ first Oscar win. I think he totally deserves it. An incredible producer, singer-songwriter, rapper and designer, Pharrell has had an amazing year on the charts. His hits with Robin Thicke, Beyonce and Daft Punk have all made my playlists. But I love “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. It just makes me feel…well…happy. He has tough competition from other soundtracks, particularly “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. But after spending an entire weekend last year watching his 24-hour music video for the Oscar-nominated song, I’m confident he’ll bring it home. Ever the dapper, stylish gentleman, I can’t wait to see what he’ll wear.

3. Red carpet.

022413-Oscars-red-carpet-600Honestly, the pre-show red carpet is what I’m usually drawn to at the Oscars. The guys always suit up and usually don’t go wrong with a tux. But it’s the ladies’ gowns that everyone talks about for weeks. I can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock. Who will end up on my best and worst dressed? Stay tuned.

4. Ellen is back as this year’s host.

2014-oscars-ellen-photoshoot-3There will be plenty of laughs and dancing. Enough said. I love her.

The Academy Awards take place on March 2 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Will you be watching? What are you most looking forward to seeing this year at the Oscars?


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