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Posted: January 19, 2014 in Entertainment, Personal
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Here’s a list of my must-see TV shows this week:

The Following

Photo courtesy of Seriable

Photo courtesy of Seriable.com

I was a huge fan of this show from its debut right up to the terribly disappointing season finale. But after I saw the season two trailer of a subway attack featuring serial killer Joe Carroll’s new followers donning masks of his face rather than the strange Edgar Allen Poe masks of season one, I was hooked. One year and several victims later, the show picks back up where infamous serial killer Joe Carroll and former FBI agent Ryan Hardy left off. Even though fans were made to believe Carroll died in a fire, we all know the cat-and-mouse games Hardy and Carroll play wouldn’t be nearly as fun without both characters. So I expect to see Carroll’s character return. As for Carroll’s ex-wife Claire, who also was Hardy’s love interest in season one, I think she met her untimely end when she was stabbed in Hardy’s apartment by his deranged ex-girlfriend. But I’m interested to see which characters return (hopefully Emma) and how Hardy will handle the loss of Claire. Most importantly, how will they top some of the cult-like killings from season one? Tune in to Fox’s special premiere episode of The Following on Sunday, January 19 before it settles into Monday night’s primetime roster, starting on January 27. It’ll be killer. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

The Mindy Project

Photo courtesy of GetVideoArtwork

Photo courtesy of GetVideoArtwork

I’ve been a fan of comedian, writer, producer and actress Mindy Kaling since The Office. And every Tuesday night after Fox’s New Girl, you can catch me perched on the couch anxious to see if Danny and Mindy will ever hook up along with the drama in the medical office among the doctors and nurses. Mindy has spent two seasons trying to find love, albeit in some strange places. I personally think her true love is right under her nose in a white coat. Last week’s break up between her and Cliff, coupled with ex-fiance Casey’s return, was a bit surprising. So I’m eager to see what the writers will come up with for this week’s mid-season finale. According to a press release from Fox, Danny tricks Mindy into going with him to the desert to see his dad. While I’m sad to see the show go on hiatus until April 1, I know this week’s episode will be full of laughs, shocking hook ups and one hell of a “cliff”-hanger (sorry again). The Mindy Project airs on Fox on January 21 for its winter finale at 9:30 p.m.


Photo courtesy of Twangnation

Photo courtesy of Twangnation

I don’t know how tried-and-true country music fans feel about ABC’s hit series, Nashville, but I love it. They manage to infuse the spirit of Nashville and its culture as well as the highs and lows of the music industry effortlessly. Of course the drama among the characters falling in and out of love with each other provides some great entertainment week after week, but it’s the music and internal battles of each character that keep me tuned in on Wednesdays. I was so happy to see Will not conform to society’s taboos and kill himself, but his torture will probably ensue as long as he’s trying to figure out who he is. How adorable was that moment between Deacon, Rayna, Maddie and Daphne during last week’s episode? And I really want Gunnar to break into the industry because he is such a talented singer-songwriter, But Scarlett’s feelings are really holding them both back. It seems we haven’t seen the last of the Deacon and Rayna love story, but the timing couldn’t be worse.  I’m sure Juliette won’t die from her overdose, but it sure is fun to watch her career take a turn for the worse due to some poor choices she’s made. Will Rayna be able to pen and deliver a hit song for her last album? Now that Scarlett and Avery have called it quits again where does that leave her and Gunnar and Avery and Juliette? ABC’s Nashville airs this Wednesday, January 22 at 10 p.m.

Grammy Awards

Photo courtesy of Plasticosydecibelios

Photo courtesy of Plasticosydecibelios

I must admit when the Grammys announced their lineup of performers this year I was a bit nonplussed. It’s not to say some of the artists aren’t great, but how many more times can I watch both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift produce a circus on stage with mediocre vocals? And after Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” performance at the VMA’s, I’m a bit hesitant. Even if Miley or another pop tart doesn’t join him on stage for another disastrously attempt at “twerking,” I’m not sure my ears can tolerate one more listen of “Blurred Lines.” It’s overkill. His recent album has some great songs on it so hopefully he’ll perform another song or find a way to revamp “Blurred Lines.” I am, however, excited about the nominees this year, particularly Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars. John Legend, Fantasia, Drake, J. Cole and Daft Punk. According to the Los Angeles Times, Beyonce could make a surprise appearance. That’s  enough for me to watch three hours of awkward musical mash ups, uncomfortable acceptance speeches and shocking wins (I’m looking at you Macklemore & Ryan Lewis). If it all means I’ll get to see Beyonce in all her glory rocking out to her current singles from “Beyonce” or perhaps her Grammy nominated single with hubby Jay Z “On the Run (Pt. II)” then it’ll all be worth it. See the Grammys live on January 26 on CBS at 8 p.m.

Will you be tuning in to watch any of these shows?

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