New Town…New Gig…Follow My Journey

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Internship Experience, Personal
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I recently moved from Tuscaloosa, AL to finish up my graduate degree.  I admit I wasn’t too thrilled about it. The apartment hunt was by far more stressful than the tons of papers I’ve written and academic studies I’ve read this year.  This summer, I will be working as an entertainment reporter/intern for a newspaper.

Shortly after that, I hope to walk (rather run) across the stage to shake the Dean’s hand while he slides that fake rolled up paper into my hands.  It doesn’t matter if it’s blank copy paper with a beautiful ribbon. All that matters is that it’s a symbol of my completion of graduate school and all that I’ve been through, including but not limited to, sleepless nights, an amassed amount of gray hair (I’m only 27), and frequent weight loss and gain.  Yep, August 4 can’t get here fast enough, but I hope you’ll continue reading my thoughts on small town living for a girl with a big city heart.

I’m completely terrified of working for a newspaper, and most days I want to scream about it.  I don’t think I’ll ever fit the mold of a newsroom, and my writing style and interests are better suited at magazines or online outlets.  Because I’ve never worked for a newspaper, I’m sure I’ll have blank stares in the newsroom and budget meeting.  I’m sure I’ll want to poke my eyes out from writing sterile stories full of quotes.  I like to paint pictures with words, and newspapers don’t offer you enough inches to do that when the “five W’s and the H” are critical in the first paragraph.  I don’t know anything about an inverted pyramid or generating story ideas for a community I’ve only been immersed in for a few days.

It will be scary, challenging, and difficult.  But I hope you stay along for the wild ride as I chronicle the ups and downs of living in nowhereville and working as, dare I say it, a reporter.  I’ll be as transparent as possible without hurting my future in this industry. Monday, May 7 is my first day.  Here’s to hoping the summer goes by fast. By August 4, I’ll not only have a paper baton but hopefully a job and a cubicle to call my own at some magazine.  Stay tuned for Monday’s first day jitters and more screams!


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