Huffington Post is Now a Digital Magazine

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Personal
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I’ve followed Huffington Post for a while, even before the AOL acquisition in 2011.  It’s my primary source for news, political updates, entertainment, and style.  So, I’m extremely excited Huffington Post will launch their new weekly digital magazine as an app for the iPad.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, honestly.  Now that Huffington Post and Politico have opened the door for online news organizations with their recent Pulitzer wins, maybe we can get past the idea of traditional or legacy media vs. new media.  We can now clump all the digital innovations and traditional print publications under one umbrella of media, or at least respect them as such.

According to FOLIO, the weekly Huffington will present top stories with a bit more staying power than the stories they normally produce online. So, what can audiences look forward to with the new publication?  Similar to most magazines, there will be a front of the book section with all the news from the week.  There will also be in-depth feature stories and reviews to complete the magazine.  I think this is a great idea for readers who want a different and interactive experience like that of online publications or publications via tablets.  Sometimes reading things on the Web can be overwhelming, and I think the new digital magazine solves that issue by compiling all the important stories in one place that you can flip to and interact with by posting comments, watching video, and looking at photos.

As a consumer I can’t wait to download the app, but as a journalism student, I wonder what they will do in terms of advertising.  This Forbes’ article stated a business model had not been developed, but it seemed as though the app will be free to readers.  However, I’m sure they’re considering other paid models as well especially if it’s successful. Do you think Huffington will be a success?  If it is, how will they monetize that success if the app will be available for free on Apple’s Newsstand?  How will the editors and techies blend the things that have made Huffington Post popular over the years with all the technology out there?  Will you be downloading the app on April 24? I know I will.


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