Blogging Commandments

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Personal
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We, as a society, are governed by laws, rules, and the ultimate, commandments.  Blogging is no different.  I saw this recent post on MomCrunch on the “10 Commandments of Blogging,” and I thought I’d share the list with my readers.  Have ye sinned?  I know I have.

1.  Thou Shalt Be True To Thyself – For bloggers that are lucky to have advertisers or write for a certain niche, this means that your content should be geared towards the benefit of your readers and audiences, not brands.

2.  Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbors Statistics – Who doesn’t want the success of “The Man Repeller” or other famous bloggers?   But you define your own success.  It shouldn’t be determined by other bloggers.

3.  Thou Shall Remember To Unplug – It’s okay to step away from the computer, phone, and social media.  True inspiration is all around us, and you never know what might inspire topics or contents just by escaping from the virtual world into reality.

4.  Thou Shall Honor Thy Fellow Bloggers – Put quite simply, what goes around comes around.  It’s tacky to trash talk period, especially if it’s out there for the public to read and see.  Besides you never know when you might need another blogger.

5.  Thou Shalt Remember Thou Art More Than Numbers – Don’t let Google Analytics or web stats deter you from delivering good content.  If you’re doing it for the right reasons, numbers shouldn’t be your main priority.

6.  Thou Shalt Have An Attractive Blog – It’s all about the visual appeal.  Get funky with colors, headers, and fonts.  There are too many blogs out there so make yours stand out.

7.  Thou Shall Remember That One Must Be Professional  – Keep it tasteful.  If you’re blogging professionally, it helps to stay on deadline.  If blogging for personal enjoyment, keep in mind your blog is out there for future employers to see.

8.  Thou Shall Comment As Thou Wishes To Be Commented Upon – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Bloggers are people, too.

9. Thou Shall Disclose – This is something I learned about in Mark Briggs’ book Entrepreneurial Journalism.  Bloggers should be transparent to their readers about advertisers.

10. Thou Must Not Feel Guilt About Being Paid – Again, another thing I learned from Briggs.  Journalism is a business, whether you’re doing it for yourself or for an organization.  If you’re fortunate enough to get paid for your work, then embrace it.  If not, keep blogging anyway!


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