I cannot express how excited I am to almost be done with graduate classes here at the University of Alabama.  There’s only two more weeks left!  Maybe it’s too early to ask for gifts since I won’t technically graduate until August 4th of this year, but as they say, “from your mouth to God’s ears.”  Technically, this would be from my blog to hopefully my friends and family’s bank accounts.  So, without further adieu, I present my wish list for all the hard work I’ve achieved in a year.  Drum roll please!

1.  This uber hip boombox/iPod and iPhone dock. God infused a DJ by night and the coolest woman alive together to make me, thus was born a girl who was born to worship good music (especially Hip Hop).  This is so fresh and reminiscent of the ’80s.  I have to have it!  It’s not terribly expensive either (winks).

Once I saw one of my favorite rappers carrying it around St. Barts this week, I had to have it.  For any takers, more info on the coolest thing since vinyl and 8-tracks.

2.  Lollapalooza 2012 tickets. Since money nor time will afford me the experience of Coachella, this is a feasible solution.  Although the event is actually during my graduation weekend, a weekend trip to Chicago to experience the greatness of the four artists below (J. Cole, Frank Ocean, Wale, and Santigold) is well worth missing walking across the stage for something they’re going to mail to me anyway.



3.  Just in case no one decides that Lollapalooza is worth the $230 (it definitely is!), maybe watching my idol in concert would be.

4. I’m hoping someone will get me better seats than what I have for The Club Paradise Tour on May 20th in Atlanta.  I’ll totally sell the ticket I have and add that to your handsome donation to get a $325 VIP ticket.  I have to be up front for these two.

J. Cole and Drake

5.  This gift idea is partly inspired by my dad. If this writing thing doesn’t work out, I’ve decided the only other thing I’m passionate about other than magazines, writing, and fashion is music.  It won’t be like settling if I become a deejay. I have skills (I totally can play the piano).  The musical knowledge is there (I know artists that were spitting, singing, and playing before I was even born).  I definitely have the taste (I don’t do mainstream music or any of the nonsense on the radio).  I’m assuming I’ll need a head start with this equipment.

6.  More than anything, I need the following from all my family and friends to make sure that I’m employed by the end of the year, preferably at a magazine inspiring and informing people with my gift of creativity and words.


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