Time Inc. Leads the Way on Twitter

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Personal
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Results from 2011

If you scan my list of people and things I follow on Twitter, you’re sure to find only five categories: magazines, editors, celebrities, designers, and job hosting sites.  Sorry friends.  I leave the friendships to Facebook.  With that being said, I’m not surprised by FOLIO magazine’s assessment of Time Inc.‘s brands’ Twitter followers.  Here’s the breakdown as of March 2012:

People magazine – 3.5 million followers

Time magazine – 3.2 million followers

InStyle magazine and Entertainment Weekly  – 2 million followers

But how can publications turn followers into dollars?  After all, followings have nothing to do with circulation, and for a huge brand like Time Inc. that owns several magazines, those followers are often split among those publications.  But what this data shows is that magazines are not just shamelessly promoting their own content, they’re actually engaging their audiences.  Some media outlets, ahem newspapers, have not figured it out yet.  You have to do more than just plug the latest article or news report.  It’s about getting out there in cyber world, tweeting your followers, and responding back to them.

I was stoked at the reply below from All You (a Time Inc. publication).

This one too from Self magazine’s Lindsay Huggins, senior fashion market editor.

This is what keeps me clicking and keeps me subscribing.  To share things and feel connected to the person whose responsible for my monthly dose of fashion, fitness, and music is an amazing feeling as a consumer. Twitter is not a definite measure of success, as some publications may be more popular on other social media networking sites.  I don’t personally feel as engaged on Facebook because my news feed is usually cluttered with things I could care less about.  With Twitter, however,  it feels more like a conversation that I just happen to be sharing with a large amount of people.  What do you think?  How do you interact with the people and brands you follow?  Are magazines taking the “Letter to the Editor” and translating it well to digital platforms?  How do the results differ with newspapers?


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