The “Personal” Factor in Style Blogs

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Personal
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I woke up this morning and read a very interesting article on something that’s flooding the blogosphere, personal style blogs.  Ellie Krupnick of the Huffington Post writes, “I’m no personal style blog aficionado. But in my mind, personal style blogs are built on a model that goes something like this: Girl meets clothes. Clothes meet world.”  While Krupnick may not be a personal style blog aficionado, I’d like to believe I am. Okay, let me rephrase.  I don’t have a personal style blog of my own, because frankly, I don’t think people care enough to read about what I wear.  Judging by my closet and spending habits these days, I wouldn’t be too enthralled either.  I’m just saying that blogs have been my life since circa 2007.  Since everyone has a blog, everyone seems to want to post their daily outfits.  Sometimes you hit the big “X” in the top right hand corner thinking, who cares.  Sometimes you’re confused as to how this outfit could be rendered as stylish.  Sometimes you stumble upon greatness.

Krupnick brings up an interesting point about Jane Aldridge and Sea of Shoes, which I had the pleasure of writing about this semester for Her Campus Alabama.  While I dig Jane’s style and the overall artsy feel of her blog, it doesn’t feel like those hip, personal style blogs.  Like I wrote in my profile, it’s more editorial.  When you attach the word personal onto a blog, it should feel that way.  Visitors to your blog should feel connected to you through your style.  For most, that means not posting pictures of yourself in Alexander Wang booties or Chanel handbags.  Real, everyday girls can’t connect to that.  So, what can they connect to?  How you mix low-end with high-end pieces, taking pictures of yourself in a bedroom with a cheap digital camera or iPhone.  I think it’s important for followers of personal style blogs to see how a blogger maybe paired a H&M blazer and a designer pair of shorts with a top from Wet Seal. It works the same for other blogs.  People read them for true opinions and arguments that they can’t get from a regular news story or report.  I think street style blogs are better, in that photographers or bloggers just spot people who look fabulous and take their photos. Sometimes it’s a bit staged, most often it’s not.  So, maybe some bloggers should just remove the word “personal’ from their blog and call it what it is…daily magazine spreads.


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