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I’m trying to imagine Stella McCartney, Jason Wu, or Alexander McQueen magazine.  Yeah, I’m drawing a blank.  But it’s not too unfamiliar for J. Crew, Anthropologie, or Madewell, and other retailers.  Have you been to a store lately and saw those small booklets on the counter or read a retailer’s blog online?   That didn’t exist a few years ago.  Is this the new way of advertising for fashion designers and retailers?  Is it more cost effective to print your own magazine or start a blog, than running an ad campaign in a magazine?  (more…)


Okay, I can’t afford anything from Christian Dior, and I hold a soft spot in my heart for Galliano, no matter how screwed he was. Designers and fashion houses are not only getting smart about launching affordable lines at retailers like H&M, Kohl’s, and Target, but they’re also foregoing advertising in magazines and launching their own publications.  Smart move, Dior, but bad for magazines.  DiorMag just launched today in an effort to build the brand’s online presence. So, what will the stories include?  (more…)

Clay Travis joined us yesterday via skype for my sports writing class. The topics of discussion were social media, starting an online site, and those crazy Alabama fans. I’ll just give my disclaimer that I love this class, and I am so glad I had a change in heart with taking it. Travis has a pretty extensive background. He started as a lawyer and later worked for CBS Sports, Deadspin, FanHouse, and now Nashville’s 104.5 radio station. He’s written a few books, and currently runs the popular online site, Outkick the Coverage. He’s also kind of witty and funny, and there’s not enough writers like that anymore, in any genre not just sports.

Here are some things Travis discussed that was interesting and relative to the things we’ve been discussing in our graduate classes: (more…)