Pinterest Attracts the Crafty and Generates Traffic

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Personal
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I signed up for Pinterest mainly because everyone was doing it. I blame it on social media peer pressure.  The hype surpasses the function for me, but I can see its value, especially now that Pinterest has caused a surge in women’s magazines’ traffic.  It is my hope to one day work for one of these special interest or women’s magazines, so I’m glad to know that publications are seeing real results from social media.  I think some news organizations and newsrooms have been slow to adopt social media as a part of their daily assignment, but magazines have done a good job with the digital convergence.  On the pages of the Editor’s Letters are no longer just the editors’ signatures, we now have their Twitter and Facebook handles.  Online articles and content now have a “Pin It” button, in addition to Facebook and Twitter buttons.  I love it!  But back to Pinterest driving the traffic to women’s magazines.  Here’s a post from Mashable with more  information.

It’s no secret that majority of Pinterest’s users are women, and the reason for the increase is that users are pinning those categories and items popular in women’s magazines.  Most of the things pinned came from those magazines, but now, magazines have joined in on the fun creating their own boards and accounts.  For example, Country Living magazine does not have a social media editor to manage the Pinterest account, but the workload is spread among editors.  According to Mashable, the crafts editor of Country Living posts to the crafts board and three market editors manage the shopping and style boards.

I think there’s something really great about this connection between the producer of the content and the audience consuming the information.  Never before have we, the audience, had so much access to the creators of our content.  If I see something in my favorite magazine and pin it on one of my boards, then my followers have access to that content and can share it on their boards.  This is what I love about social media, being able to share what I find interesting.  It’s not just about one particular magazine sharing their own content, but seeing pictures or content that inspires them from other magazines and places is great too.  I even have my own Pinterest board that Her Campus Alabama created for my articles and the editorial team’s inspirations.  Check it out here.

While this doesn’t mean increased traffic will result in increased profit, circulation, or subscribers, it is a strong marketing tool for publishers and newsrooms if they utilize it.  What do you think?  Can Pinterest revitalize a dwindling industry, or at least bring more attention to its online content?

  1. Social media “peer pressure” That’s a concept about which I want to research and write. Pinterest is in my future as well. I just got some specific instruction and insight on it last week. (After hearing it from our guest speaker in our class earlier this semester) Thanks for sharing the links to other articles on this particular platform.

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