Very few things excite me.  But when it comes to seeing the new lines at Fashion Week, or opening up that new CD from my favorite artist, or knowing that something great is about to hit theaters, it gets me pretty revved up.  I’m a self-proclaimed entertainment and fashion junkie.  Oh, how excited I am about the following movies!  Who knows?  It may even get me back to actually watching movies at the theater.

Bring on the fairy tales and all things enchanted!  ABC’s new show, Once Upon a Time, has made me fall back in love with my childhood obsession.  Now, there’s Mirror, Mirror starring Julia Roberts and Snow White and the Huntsman featuring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. I am so ready for the Brothers Grimm’s fantasies to come to life.   The thing I love about Once Upon a Time, Mirror, Mirror, and Snow White is that the plots remain in the essence of the original fairy tale, but it’s mixed with fresh comedy, modern drama, and incredible visual effects.  The costumes are also rooted deep in their time periods but have a little contemporary flair.  March 30th can’t get here fast enough! Then, on June 1st, I’ll hopefully be able to see Snow White.  Charlize is great in anything, and for once, I’d like to see Kristen in a meatier role outside of Twilight  (well, to her credit, she did play Joan Jett).  Either way, I hope this starts a chain to more fantasy films and TV shows.  Enjoy the Snow White and the Huntsman preview below:

My mom forced me to watch this on syndication when I was a kid.  Even to this day, I’m still buying Dark Shadows DVDs for her.  It was so campy and horrible that I couldn’t turn away, but what soap operas weren’t in those days? Even though vampires and werewolves are a part of pop culture now, thanks to the aforementioned Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries, Barnabas Collins was not your hot, blood sucking, friendly vampire that’s ruling books and screens today.  So, during my spring break, the news broke on Twitter about the remake.  When I saw the trailer, director, and cast, I had that feeling you get when you know something great is about to happen.  This remake will be greatness, due to the fact that Tim Burton is a creative genius and Johnny Depp is, well, perfection.  If you need reminders, try Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, and Sleepy Hollow.  See, I admit I love the fantasy.  Burton and Depp together are like Scorsese and DiCaprio, Tarantino and Rodriguez, and Eastwood and Freeman.  In other words, you put the right director/actor combo or two actors together, and you’ve got nothing short of magic.  Here’s an early toast to magic, in its darkest form, on May 11th! My mom and I will both be watching. For now, I’ll just have to keep watching the preview below over and over in anticipation.

I mentioned Clint Eastwood, but I think I should give a quick disclaimer that I love anything this man touches.  “Right turn, Clyde” practically was embedded in my adolescent vocabulary.  I was already excited about A Star is Born because I loved the originals with Judy Garland and the queen, Barbra Streisand.  I was also ecstatic that the musical is coming back.  We need more musicals!  Once I knew my idol, Beyonce had the lead role, I knew I’d be checking IMDb for updates everyday (make that every few minutes).  Clint Eastwood as the director was just the icing on the cake.  He is the only one that will be able to transcend the original plot to what our modern version of what a star should be like in 2013, or maybe, 2014, considering Beyonce had to delay filming because she was pregnant.  Eastwood also has a great ear for music, often serving as the musical director on many of his films.  So, I know he’ll utilize Beyonce’s strengths and challenge her.  With Tom Cruise rumored to be the male lead, this will be a great outlet and something different for him too.  I can’t wait for the flash, the lights, and great tunes.  I’m hoping Garland’s “The Man that Got Away” or Streisand’s “Evergreen” will be Beyonce’s whatever she decides signature song and Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby, literally. Here’s a recent article from The Guardian.


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