PC Users May Be Fashionably Late

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Fashion
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According to a study conducted by Bundle, Mac users tend to be more fashion forward than their PC counterparts.  The Huffington Post tweeted from their style section about this study last week, and I was instantly intrigued and partly offended.  I have a laptop, but it’s not a Mac.  I would love to have a Mac, but I simply can’t afford it. So, in hindsight, I can understand the same consumer that’s willing to shell out $1,700 for a computer might be more willing to pay for designer brands or shop at higher end retailers. I also understand that a lot of the Apple products are more forward thinking appealing to a younger segment of the population, and that group is typically into trendier, more fashion forward clothing.  But style is subjective, just like writing and music.  One person’s trash lands another on the best dressed list so it’s hard to group something driven by individual taste into numerical categories.

From a practical, observant view, I see just as many stylish people using PCs as I do Macs.  I get that Bundle used credit card transactions for the data in their study, but just because someone shops at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus doesn’t mean they are more stylish or fashionable than a person who shops at an outlet or consignment shops.  Being a label whore doesn’t necessarily make you fashionable.  I see plenty of hipsters dressed in a stylish outfit that probably cost $50 carrying a Mac.  In the same way, I see people lugging Dell laptops in more, presumably, expensive pieces.  I think this study would have been helped by surveys or a case study where they actually observed people shopping that owned a PC or a Mac.  I don’t know if you can base this assumption off of credit card transactions and popular retail stores among Mac users.  What do you think?  How would you have done the study differently, or would you have changed anything?  What type of consumer and fashionista are you based on your choice of device and shopping habits?

I guess style like so many other things is in the eye of the beholder.  Below are a few of my favorites using their Apple products, but seriously, how many average Apple users actually have the cash they have to splurge at the stores mentioned in the Bundle study?

  1. christicowan says:

    This is really interesting, Michelle. I guess you can chalk it all up to how much people are willing to spend. Brand loyalty probably has a lot to do with it, too.

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