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Graduate school here at the University of Alabama has not been an easy adjustment.  I graduated with my undergraduate degree in 2008 with no academic background in journalism.  I only had a few electives in journalism, some internship experience at magazines, and of course, passion.  I’ve always thought I was a good writer, at least on a creative level, but this experience has challenged that a few times. (more…)


I signed up for Pinterest mainly because everyone was doing it. I blame it on social media peer pressure.  The hype surpasses the function for me, but I can see its value, especially now that Pinterest has caused a surge in women’s magazines’ traffic.  It is my hope to one day work for one of these special interest or women’s magazines, so I’m glad to know that publications are seeing real results from social media.  I think some news organizations and newsrooms have been slow to adopt social media as a part of their daily assignment, but magazines have done a good job with the digital convergence.  (more…)

Very few things excite me.  But when it comes to seeing the new lines at Fashion Week, or opening up that new CD from my favorite artist, or knowing that something great is about to hit theaters, it gets me pretty revved up.  I’m a self-proclaimed entertainment and fashion junkie.  Oh, how excited I am about the following movies!  Who knows?  It may even get me back to actually watching movies at the theater. (more…)

I love fashion blogs, but very rarely do I find one that’s unique and interesting. Enter My Closet in Sketches. Here is Her Campus Alabama’s profile on Lauren Friedman, and those incredible drawings she uses to illustrate her impeccable closet and style!

Style Spotlight” for March.

Image Credit: My Closet in Sketches, Lauren Friedman

Her Campus reached a million, 1.2 million to be exact, and that means She’s the First will receive one million site impressions.  Read here for more information on how you did it, and what things sparked your interest on the site.  Congratulations to both Her Campus and She’s the First, and a big THANK YOU to all the collegiettes that made it happen!

Check out Her Campus Alabama for my “Style Spotlights” and all things Alabama!

For our graduate projects, we all have to create prototype websites that will help to solve a community issue.  The only problem is that the websites are set to launch in two weeks (yikes!).  We all have issues I think are worth tackling, and the websites are coming along, but what most of us don’t have is feedback from outside users.  In the chapter “Usability Testing on 10 Cents a Day,” Steve Krug highlights the basics on usability testing from recruiting testers to the difference between usability tests and focus groups in his book, Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability(more…)

According to a study conducted by Bundle, Mac users tend to be more fashion forward than their PC counterparts.  The Huffington Post tweeted from their style section about this study last week, and I was instantly intrigued and partly offended.  I have a laptop, but it’s not a Mac.  I would love to have a Mac, but I simply can’t afford it. So, in hindsight, I can understand the same consumer that’s willing to shell out $1,700 for a computer might be more willing to pay for designer brands or shop at higher end retailers. I also understand that a lot of the Apple products are more forward thinking appealing to a younger segment of the population, and that group is typically into trendier, more fashion forward clothing. (more…)