Two Cool Online Finds

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Personal
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I may be late on these, but I was reading Marie Claire, and I came across a cool app and a way to make money for startups.  We’ve been discussing entrepreneurship in my assessing community journalism class, and frankly, I think it’s where most journalists are headed.  So, I was excited to read about Kickstarter. As the tagline suggests, it’s “a new way to fund and follow creativity.”  Kickstarter allows anyone the chance to seek out donations  for any type of startup, not just news sites or blogs.  I think it’s a pretty cool site and a great way to source funding for even the zaniest ideas.  You can also browse through other creative projects or start your own.  Did you know that Tom Hanks’ son, Colin, raised more than $90,000 to produce a film through this site?  That’s pretty successful crowd-sourcing! Who knows, maybe some of us could use our projects and secure funding to take it even further.  Kickstarter has all different categories, but Ad Hoc is a pretty good one for journalism and music.  Check it out here for more information.  I also found a pretty snazzy fashion project that I thought was innovative and interesting.

Forget bootylicious or Fergalicious, it’s all about Tweetalicious.  Why am I just finding out about this?  It’s an app where you can get an instant feed of trending Twitter deals from various stores.  Window shopping is now web shopping!  Who doesn’t love a great deal, and to get it faster than a newsletter or coupon via email, that just sweetens the deal!  It’s based on your preferences, so you choose the deals you want from a specific retailer.  Long gone are the days of following a business or retailer to get the savings, Tweetalicious solves that problem sort of functioning as an aggregate.  I love that you can still tweet and read messages on it, but it’s a pretty simple app, available through the Web or on the iPhone.  Beyond the savings part, what do you think about the convergence of online shopping and social media?  Does it make it easier, or is this just hype among the many apps already out there?

  1. Kristy Shaulis says:

    Alright, Michelle. I really wasn’t all that excited about the idea of Kickstarter when you first mentioned it. Sure, it’s a great way to ask for money, but is it any different than just asking for money via Facebook or one of the other different fundraising sites? However, once you mentioned Tom and Colin Hanks, I was totally in. That obsession will never die. But seriously, once I looked at it a little bit more, it seemed pretty cool. We’ll see how long it stays around, but it’s definitely creative. Interesting post- thanks for sharing!

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