Twitter As My Own Marketing Tool?

Posted: February 13, 2012 in JN 553
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After reading about Pamorama’s top Twitter analytic tools, I have a better idea of how to use the social media platform to my advantage professionally, which is something I have always struggled doing.  I have to be honest.  I usually use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with friends I probably do not call enough or artists, musicians, and designers that I hope to write about one day.  I read more about what is going with everyone else and the world through status updates and news feeds, but I rarely use them to promote myself and my work.  Well, until recently, that is.

I have always appreciated Twitter for the three reasons mentioned in the article:

  1. Real-time Results
  2. Wide Reach
  3. Direct Feedback

Tonight, for example, when I stepped out of the room during the Grammy’s, I could go directly to Twitter to find out what I missed during those few minutes.  Twitter, for me, is like a second-by-second recap of what is happening right now at all times all across the world, in 140 characters or less.  Quite frankly, there is no other social media tool like it right now.  I can reach people everywhere with a simple link and get immediate feedback, and there is no other marketing or advertising strategy that works better.  The best thing about it is that I can promote my blog or content, and it is not time consuming or expensive.  For example, I have a fashion and entertainment blog, and I also follow a lot of fashion insiders and entertainers on Twitter.  Where would I ever get the exposure beyond Twitter to have the content of my blog visible to the exact people (and more) that I want to see it?

I have seen an increase in my page views just from posting links to Twitter and other social media networking sites than I have just by sending it to my friends (who probably tell me they read it but don’t), hoping they will share it with others.  However, I do not know if I want to get into measuring or tracking my efforts on Twitter.  I would much rather check the daily stats on my own blog through Google Analytics or the site’s provided track count.  I think if I get too involved in what I am doing on Twitter and measuring my progress, then it will take the fun out of it.  That does not mean I will never use it.   Right now while my blogs are just random ramblings and bits and pieces of my favorites in fashion, I think I will leave the analytic side of Twitter to the true professionals.

  1. ehilkert says:

    Nicely done Michelle. You do a good job of pointing out Twitter’s greatest strength: as a way to build your “brand.” Briggs talks about this in chapter four of “Entrepreneurial Journalism,” where he discusses how using social media can attract people to the online outlet for your journalism. I, too, look at Twitter as a valuable tool and see the value and following others in relevant fields, such as fashion for you, or in my case, film. Sometimes people in the field might offer valuable insights.

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