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Check out my previous post here on the One Million Collegiettes Campaign. All you have to do is visit the site to help, and there are some really great tips and news happening!  Just choose your current campus for more information on style, campus cuties, latest news, and events.

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If Her Campus reaches its goal, they’ll donate 1,000,000 site impressions ($20,000 in advertising) to She’s the First!  So, you can win a prize, get more information on your campus, and help an organization, all at the same time!  Truly the gift that keeps on giving!


In my assessing community journalism class here at the University of Alabama, we are developing a survey for students, faculty and staff, and alumni to assess the College of Communication and Information Sciences website. We are also implementing Google Analytics in our study to help the department determine things about their traffic and what improvements or adjustments should be made in terms of content and multimedia.

Today’s class was definitely an eye-opener. I’ve taken many surveys online, at shopping malls, over the phone, and through the mail. I’ve also read tons of material as a graduate student on surveys, but you don’t quite get how difficult it is until you try to create one on your own. (more…)

As Julie Andrews so eloquently sung in The Sound of Music, these are a few of my favorite (and worst) things from the red carpet last night. Let’s start with the best, shall we?

Probably my favorite look of the night was Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. She embraces this season’s peplum trend with silk ribbon wrapped around the burnt orange gown. The back is gorgeous, and I love the minimal accessories. The focal point should be the dress, and she looked effortlessly chic on the carpet last night. (more…)

I may be late on these, but I was reading Marie Claire, and I came across a cool app and a way to make money for startups.  We’ve been discussing entrepreneurship in my assessing community journalism class, and frankly, I think it’s where most journalists are headed.  So, I was excited to read about Kickstarter. As the tagline suggests, it’s “a new way to fund and follow creativity.”  (more…)

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that Whitney Houston died this month. For fans everywhere, it was a tragic loss, especially to R&B and gospel fans. As if the overload of coverage on TV, news, and other outlets wasn’t enough (particularly the negative coverage), now fans of the legend are speaking out against the photos the National Enquirer published on Wednesday. (more…)

After reading about Poynter’s EyeTrack study, I was left wondering how do I read the news in print vs. online or on Apple’s iPhone vs. the iPad.  I’ve never thought about it in terms of what our eyes do and how much we remember based on that. I’ve always focused on just the consumption of news.  So, I think the updates Poynter is including with tablets is beneficial, considering that’s a new form of how we’re consuming the news, and it very well may be the only way in the future. (more…)

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of the best radio shows, The Paul Finebaum Radio Network, for my sports writing class with none other than Lars Anderson and Paul Finebaum.  Two legends in one room dispensing tons of great information and advice for upcoming journalists, where would I ever get this opportunity again?  (more…)